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Trensition is a strategic intelligence company based in Ghent (BE) that is building upon a new, 100% AI-driven and quantitative methodology.


Trensition's mission is to bring AI-powered strategic intelligence into the boardroom

Our world is moving faster and becoming more complex and uncertain than ever before – and that’s where Trensition comes in. Our mission is to help our clients decode the future, so they can be more successful and innovative.
We generate trustworthy intelligence on the world’s largest industries by leveraging our unique data, data science and innovative platform solution.
Easily accessible and fully integrated into a single platform, our Trendtracker strategic intelligence platform helps companies, public sector organisations, consultants, market researchers, futurists and industry professionals make faster and more informed decisions.

we challenge the status quo

Trensition leads the revolution

The in-house models and tools we have developed are capable of providing detailed and tailored trend insights and strategic intelligence in the blink of an eye. In doing so, Trensition is leading the revolution in quantitative trend analysis and is challenging the expert-based, qualitative methodologies that have never really proven to be consistent and reliable.

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trensitoin brings a cutting edge
AI-driven strategic intelligence platform into the boardroom

Our Customer stories

What they say about us

Dive into our Customer Stories and discover real-life examples of how Trendtracker can help navigate today’s fast-changing world across various industries. By leveraging data-driven, AI-powered trend tracking, these clients have used Trendtracker as a competitive advantage.

Ageas Group

Ageas Group challenges itself and the insurance industry to integrate long-term strategic thinking into its DNA. Trensition plays a crucial role in detecting and prioritising trends, including delivering strategic suggestions.

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Media & Entertainment

Trensition empowers the innovation, sales and research teams from Roularta Media Group to act fast and with confidence by offering industry specific AI-driven trend insights.

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Procter & Gamble
Consumer Goods

Trensition informs Procter & Gamble about how to tackle the circular economy and understand what scaling success models are out there.

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BNP Paribas Fortis

Trensition plays a crucial role in detecting and prioritising trends to monitor the strategy of BNP Paribas Fortis and support its strategic analysts.

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Pro League
Sports - Football

Trendtracker empowers the Belgian football community by monitoring 60 key trends impacting football and providing insights on innovation and change.

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TV & Broadcasting

SWR and Trensition co-created a 100% data-driven trend tracker platform that scouts, analyses and monitors trends aligned with foresight methodologies and tailored to the media sector.

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