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AI-Powered Strategic Intelligence

Automated & continuous trend tracking, trend monitoring, trend analysis and trend forecasting. AI-based & data-driven strategic decision-making, tailored to your business.

Our Features

AI-powered, Data-driven trend monitoring

TRend Boards,
Driven by AI

Set up custom Trend Boards for strategic monitoring and continuous trend tracking. Access a wealth of tailored strategic information.



Get trend insights tailored to your business. Get up to speed on trends automatically analyzed, scored and forecasted by our AI technology.



Detect trends earlier than your competitors and adjust your corporate level strategy. Make decisions that fuel innovation and grow your brand.


Search Trends & NEWS

Trendtracker's powerful search technology allows easy and quick search possibilities in thousands of curated sources.


The platform you need to support your strategy and innovation

Our award-winning AI technology is the backbone of our strategic intelligence platform and allows us to give you in-depth insights on +2K Trends. The Trendtracker AI algorithms are continuously applied to hundreds of millions of documents worldwide.

  • Continuously and automatically monitor and analyze trends at various levels (macro forces, business and consumer trends, ...)
    Our AI technology understands your challenges and identifies impactful and emerging trends that are important for your business context. Obtain in-depth & context-based trend insights, in real time. 
  • Search smart and find exactly what you need.
    Continuously receive key updates on the trends of your interest. Identify in real-time relevant business events and use cases to accelerate your research process and obtain detailed, nuanced insights into your business environment.
Trendtracker Trend Analysis Examples
Industry Top 20 Trends

What Our Customers Say


"Trendtracker help us to give direction in that ever-growing maze of options and complexity in a fast-changing world. The combination ofAI-powered trend scoring and human scoring augments our decisions."

Erwin Danis
Innovation Roularta

"Trendtracker supports the needs of strategy and innovation executives to have hard metrics to map change and how to provide these stakeholders with the data insights they need to make better strategic decisions"

Florian Schmitt

"Trendtracker works very well to identify the change signals facing public broadcasters like SWR. In addition, their trend insights in other domains are very valuable and lead to out-of-the-box and refreshing insights.”

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Why Trendtracker?

Redefine how you build a high-performing strategic foresight function

IncreasING the performance of your teams

High-quality, carefully curated global news and big data fuel our NLP (natural language processing) algorithms, helping you discover and leverage the smallest piece of hidden trend information. Spend less time on manual research work and more time on strategic analysis.

keeping overview

People get tired, computers don’t. Our engines continuously monitor the dynamics in the world surrounding your business, providing you with crucial information about new risks or opportunities. Via our strategic intelligence platform, you get access to a wealth of information about +2K trends, structured and defined according to your preferences and needs.

Removing human bias and limitations

Our AI engines are built specifically to support and automate trend research in an objective way and on a global scale. Strategic context-based insights are obtained in a blink of an eye for a wide range of business contexts such as regions, industries, demographic cohorts or business ecosystems, allowing you to make better informed strategic decisions.

Artificial intelligence

AI-powered technology based on







Media, awards and communities

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Featured guide

How to Calculate the ROI of Strategic Intelligence

Calculating the ROI of strategic intelligence can be challenging. It can be difficult to quantify the value of stronger decision-making.

Download our guide to help you decide whether a strategic intelligence platform is the right move for you and your company.

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