Trend Radar

Get a bird's-eye view of both AI and Human Intelligence insights in our automated visualisation tool, Trend Radar. It saves you time and improves your experience in trend monitoring.

Welcome to Continuous Monitoring

Our AI engines tirelessly work round-the-clock to keep you informed

Automated Trend Radars

Trend metrics are updated automatically based on your selection criteria, keeping you informed with the latest trend data without manual intervention.

These metrics answer key questions such as:

  • What is the current strength of a trend?
  • How will it evolve in the future?
  • What’s the velocity of change?

Customisation Capabilities

We understand that your interests and priorities may vary. Therefore, we customise metrics to your needs. Focus on current or forecasted trend strength, horizon probabilities or tailor by industry, region, clusters, action suggestions and many more.

Global Risks Radar

Navigate the future of your business with Trendtracker. Gain actionable, real-time insights on emerging risks across industries with our dynamic radar.

Visual Navigation

Navigating the complex world of growing trends has never been more fun. Switch between individual trends, explore groups of trends, or review the entire landscape in one view. Each trend is accompanied by relevant metrics, insights, start-up inspirations, and news feeds.

Survey Insights

Our innovative survey helps you understand the views of stakeholders on the future impact of trends and when they believe certain trends will mature.

Compare these with Trendtracker’s AI-driven Horizon results to spot differences and similarities, paving the way for positive change in your organisation.