Trend Board

Customise Trend Board for personalised and automated trend analysis. Anticipate weak signals, spot emerging trends and understand macro forces.

Simplify the Art of Strategic Research

Automated analysis of current and emerging trends in your Trend Board

Tailored trends for your strategic goals

Explore trends relevant to your organisation's challenges and goals and empower your team with comprehensive trend insights powered by AI.

Understand trend impact with data-driven scoring

Our trend analysis equips you with deeper insights into trends, including the velocity of trend changes, current trend strength, forecasted trend scores and recommended actions related to the trend.

Relevance at your fingertips

Choose industries, geographies and other contexts for your personalised Trend Board. Need a custom context? Our experts can create it for you. Tailoring contexts ensures comprehensive trend insights at your fingertips.

Efficiency in your strategic research

Our user-friendly interface lets you customise your Trend Board. Furthermore, interactive visualisations like trend evolution graphs and Trend Radars help to organise insights and navigate through crucial information with ease.

AI assisted Trend Board

Simply input your business context and challenges. Our AI assistant will efficiently explore and select the most relevant trends for you, creating a customised Trend Board to enhance your strategic intelligence.

Receive Personalised News with Automated Summary

  • Receive news articles relevant to your business and tailor the filters for industry updates, market forecasts, latest trend news, geographies, sources and more.
  • Access automated AI summaries of relevant articles on each trend.

Startup Scouting: market intelligence

Access AI-driven insights to scout emerging startups and find collaboration opportunities. This feature helps you to identify disruptive startups and business models in your industry.

Your Own Trend Boards

Discover the benefits of having your own Trend Boards


Tailor Trend Boards with your organisation's vision and goals and access a diverse range of trends within customisable contexts.

Actionable Warning System

Let our AI be your trend watch colleague. Receive proactive periodical notification with changes in your environment.

360° Analysis

Visualise trend evolution and connections with industry and region-specific insights. Discover the stories behind the trend.

Data-driven scoring

Get automated trend scoring, revealing influential insights across markets and industries.

Market Intelligence

Discover top startups, leading companies and  competitor innovation activity and find new collaborations.