The Strategic Intelligence Platform for Industry Leaders

Access the future of trend discovery and forecasting with powerful AI that works for you

Strategic Intelligence

AI-powered trend tracking tool with foresight for innovation leaders.

No Human Bias

We analyse vast online data using natural language processing and machine learning.

360° Insights

We assess, score and predict upcoming trends across all industries, markets and regions.

24/7 Tailored Monitoring

With award-winning AI, we offer continuous global news scanning and automated trend analysis.

Market & Competitive Intelligence

We detect mature, emerging and weak trend signals and allow you to stay updated on new startups, competitor strategies and innovation activity.

Trend Evolution

We deliver concise insights and relevant data points on past, current and future trend evolution.

Data We Monitor

For you to navigate complex business landscapes with confidence


Hundreds of millions of online publications analysed by our AI algorithms from over 12,000 global sources, such as:

  • Academic research papers
  • Patents
  • University blogs
  • Company & industry news
  • National & regional newspapers
  • Mass media, newspapers
  • Magazines, blogs, consumer news

+2,500 trends covering social, economic, political, scientific, technological, legal, environmental and ethical subjects.

Track advancements in technologies, processes, regulations, business models and more within your areas of interest.


Use tailored, context-driven trend analysis across various industries, regions and business ecosystems.

Our context-based insights empower you to make informed decisions, aligning with your organisation's specific goals and business problems.

Key Features

Scout, monitor and forecast emerging trends & signals in any industry and geography

Trend Board

Create customised Trend Boards for automated trend analysis and monitoring. Anticipate weak signals, spot emerging trends and understand macro forces. Read More

Trend Scoring

Eliminate human bias from trend research. Use AI-driven Trend Metrics to quantify the evolution, strength, and future outlook of trends.
Read More

Trend Insights

Tailored Trend Insights for different industries and regions to empower your teams. Enhance your trend analysis through personalised news feeds and emerging startup insights. Read More

Trend Radar

Elevate your trend monitoring experience with automated Trend Radars. It offers a bird's-eye overview of relevant trends in your customised Trend Board. Read More

Smart Surveys

Engage your audience in forecasting trends and merge human intelligence with AI-powered results through our interactive Survey tool.
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