Engage in context-driven trend analysis across multiple industries, geographical regions, or business ecosystems that interest you.

Contextualisation Matters

Why context is key for effective trend watching and analysis

Personalised Decision-making

Better tailored strategies, aligning precisely with your organisation's needs for increased success.

Targeted Growth

Focus on trends that are most relevant to your industry, geography, and target demographics.

Risk Mitigation

Understanding context evolutions aids in anticipating risks, enabling proactive risk management.

Market Relevance

Stay competitive by identifying emerging trends and customer demands first.

Agile Adaptation

Be agile and facilitate swift responses to market dynamics, capitalizing on emerging opportunities.

Context We Monitor

Across multiple industries, geographical regions, or business ecosystems

Get market intelligence related to your industry context

We offer context-based strategic foresight to companies across diverse industries and sectors. Our tailored analysis allows us to monitor any industry, driving growth and enhancing adaptability to market changes.

Unveil opportunities across geographical contexts

Our context-based strategic insights serve companies operating in diverse geographical regions, from entire continents to the world's top 20 economies and all areas in between.

Gain insights into demographics

Demographics shape consumer behaviour and market trends. We offer insights into generational segments like Gen X, Gen Y, Gen Z, and Gen Alpha, helping tailor strategies to each generation's preferences and needs.

Get market intelligence insights

We provide companies with insights into new startups on the horizon, market trends to identify investment opportunities, and the ability to assess risk effectively.

Stay ahead in the intellectual property game

We offer researchers and innovators insights into innovations, including new products, processes, designs, or technologies and allow them to monitor the intellectual property efforts of their competitors.

How to use these context insights

For your business

Market Entry Strategies

Smooth and successful market entry launch.

Product Development

Alignment with specific generational preferences and consumer needs

Expansion Opportunities

Identifying promising regions and industries to maximise growth for your business.

Risk Management

Find industry challenges and regulatory changes to mitigate potential risks.