Smart Surveys

Discover an opportunity for growth with Human-AI Collaboration to compare insights from stakeholders with AI.

The Added Value of the Human-in-the-loop

Why combine human strategic intelligence with AI-insights?

Informed Decision-Making

Empower your organisation with a comprehensive understanding of trends' significance and impact.


Embrace agility in decision-making, allowing your organisation to navigate uncertainties, risks and seize opportunities.

Human Context

Enhance AI-powered insights with human context, ensuring strategic decisions align with your organisation's values and goals.

Innovation Catalyst

Foster a culture of innovation by encouraging human expertise and AI-driven precision to work in tandem.

Competitive Edge

Stay ahead of the competition by leveraging the power of human strategic intelligence in your decision-making process.

Survey Insights

Our innovative survey helps you understand internal and external experts' views on future impact of trends and when they think certain trends will mature.

Compare these with Trendtracker’s AI-driven Horizon results to spot differences and similarities, paving the way for positive change in your organisation.

Transforming Your Organisation

Unlock the potential for organisational change

Strategic Planning

Align strategic planning initiatives with the collaborative intelligence of human and AI perspectives.

Research & Development

Drive research efforts with dedicated expert teams, exploring trends and their implications.

Task Forces

Formulate strategic task forces to address specific challenges and opportunities identified through collaborative analysis.

Empowering Teams

Empower your teams with comprehensive insights, driving them to make impactful decisions with confidence.


Embrace change and adaptability, future-proofing your organisation for continued growth and success.