Trend Scoring

Our platform uses AI-powered metrics to quantify the evolution, strength, and future outlook of each trend, supercharging your strategic decision-making.

Understand Trend Impact with Data Driven Scoring

In your analysis with Trendtracker

Data-driven insights for informed decision-making

Our trend analysis equips you with deeper insights into trends, including the velocity of trend changes, current trend strength, forecasted trend scores and recommended actions related to the trend.

What is the ROESI Model?

ROESI is a data-driven action suggestion model created by Trensition, which calculates a strategic action suggestion for each trend.

Why use the ROESI Model?

ROESI aligns diverse team visions, guiding trend-related action discussions.

Say goodbye to human bias in your trend analysis with Trendtracker

Precision in trend measurement for future decisions

Explore our advanced time series analytics engine, offering precise trend measurements of trend evolutions across contexts and providing nuanced glimpses into the future through our unique forecasting methodology.

Geographic score of trends

Our Geo Plots allow for the regional comparison of the maturity of trends between countries, providing a clearer overview of where trends are manifesting more strongly.