Trend Insights

Empower your strategic research with 
AI-powered in-depth analysis tailored to your industry and region, enabling personalised news feeds, startup scouting, and more.

AI-powered Deep Dive Analysis

To understand the drivers of disruption in your business

Receive Personalised News with Automated Summary

  • Receive news articles relevant to your business and tailor the filters for industry updates, market forecasts, latest trend news, geographies, sources and more.

  • Access automated AI summaries of relevant articles on each trend.

Data-driven insights for informed decision-making

Our trend analysis equips you with deeper insights into trends, including the velocity of trend changes, current trend strength, forecasted trend scores and recommended actions related to the trend.

Transforming unstructured text for actionable insights

Our NLP algorithms fully contextualise unstructured text to extract +100 essential business and strategic information from

  • Merger & acquisitions
  • Venture capital investments
  • Product launches
  • Business collaborations
  • Innovation & transformation
  • Market forecasts
  • ...

Profound Trend Insights: go in-depth

Analyse trends thoroughly to support decision-making on how to respond to each trend. Leverage AI to enhance your insights.

Continuous Trend Networks: unravel convergence

Our AI maps evolving trend networks, revealing how trends converge in real-time.

Startup Scouting: market intelligence

Access AI-driven insights to scout emerging startups and find collaboration opportunities. This feature helps you to identify disruptive startups and business models in your industry.

360° Analysis: visualise trend evolution

Understand and visualise trend evolution and connections enriched with industry and region-specific insights.