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Our engines and proprietary AI algorithms continuously monitor, evaluate and analyze thousands of online sources worldwide, including academic research papers, patents, university blogs, company & industry news, national & regional newspapers, consumer review sites, …

What sources does Trendtracker monitor?

Unlock a vast repository of cutting-edge research

Sift through academic research is the future. Gain access to the latest research findings and results in a diverse array of scientific domains, published by prestigious academic journals, reputable research centers, and esteemed universities worldwide. Stay at the forefront of knowledge and innovation with a wealth of valuable information at your fingertips.

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Stay ahead of the intellectual property game

Stay informed about patents. Monitor the intellectual property efforts of your competitors across various regions of the world. Unveil the emerging technologies that could shape your industry's future. Get a comprehensive view of the patent landscape to strategize effectively and protect your own innovations.

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Company News

Get timely updates about companies all over the world

Our monitoring of company news automatically keeps you updated: Hear about latest activities from companies spanning various industries. Receive real-time updates on press releases, investments, mergers & acquisitions, product releases, and other significant developments. Be the first to know about crucial market movements that may impact your business.

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Industry News

Uncover sector-specific insights

Keep track of the industry news. Discover the latest developments in sectors of your interest with unlimited access to trend reports, market forecasts, emerging technologies, use cases, new regulations, and all types of sector-specific news. Stay informed with information from reputable magazines, sector organizations, and top-notch consultancy agencies.

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Get comprehensive coverage of current affairs

Get the best out of the news. Explore current affairs from regional to international scales, carefully analyzed within contexts relevant to your company. Stay informed about global events and their potential implications on your business operations and strategies.

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Social Issues

Stay in touch with societal matters

You swiftly get an overview of social issues. Stay connected with today's most pressing societal matters through the latest news from non-profit organizations and think tanks. Keep abreast of developments that may impact your corporate social responsibility initiatives and business practices.


Unravel the macro forces shaping society

Screen the latest news about the macro forces driving our society, and understand how they can directly or indirectly affect your business. Uncover the implications of societal changes, including but not limited to the following topics:

  • food & agriculture
  • sustainability
  • energy
  • education
  • health
  • transport & mobility
  • urbanization
  • climate change
  • law
Consumer News

Stay tuned to consumer trends

Take place in a front row seat to observe how new business offerings and technologies are received by the general public. Stay informed about the latest consumer trends and changes in consumer behavior. Gain valuable insights to refine your marketing strategies and product offerings, ensuring you remain relevant to your target audience.

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