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What is AI-powered strategic intelligence? How can it benefit me? How can I integrate it into my strategy? These are valid questions we frequently hear, indicating that many are on the right path towards innovation and readiness in uncertain times.

There are numerous reasons why enhancing your understanding of AI for strategic decision-making is beneficial. Stream the webinar to learn how to secure a competitive advantage and see what your competitors might be missing out on.

Rewatch our session to discover how AI-powered Strategic Intelligence can be the key component your strategic approach needs.

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This session is designed for leaders and innovators from large organisations and strategic teams focused on foresight and innovation.

If you're driven to optimise decision-making and sustain competitiveness, this webinar is essential for you.

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CEO Trensition Vincent Defour

Hosted by:

Vincent Defour

September 19th, Thursday, 2024
13:00 to 14:00 CET