Supercharge Your Strategy in 60 Minutes: A Power Session for Executive Leaders

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This September, school is back in session—but this time it’s for the executives.

Are you exploring ways AI-powered strategic intelligence could enhance your strategic planning? Do you wonder how it could streamline your operations or why it has become a frequent topic among industry leaders?

We're set to arm you with clear, compelling insights that extend well beyond the basics. Grab your pen and paper; it's time to catch up and then lead your industry.

Join our webinar to gain a competitive edge. Because you deserve to discover opportunities that your competitors might overlook.

Who should watch?

This webinar is not for just anyone. If you’re an executive leader, a strategist in the trenches, or a foresight executive paving the future at a top-tier company, this is your definitive call to action.

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CEO Trensition Vincent Defour

Hosted by:

Vincent Defour

September 19th, Thursday, 2024
13:00 to 14:00 CET