Strategic Intelligence
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Harnessing Strategic Intelligence for Agile and Resilient Decision-Making

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May 16, 2024
Strategic Intelligence
2 min read

As I am constantly seeking inspiration that aligns with our mission to empower decision-makers with actionable, AI-powered strategic intelligence, the "Strategy Now" report from Deloitte Monitor caught my attention. 

It directly addresses the evolving challenges and opportunities our clients face in the dynamic business landscape.

I particularly like the "Speed to Insight" KPI as the number one KPI for strategists of the future. This is exactly what we are working on day after day.

This report resonates with our commitment to fostering agility, resilience, and innovation through strategic intelligence.

An image of Trendtracker's Trend Scoring abilities

It highlights the necessity of adapting strategy development to today's rapid pace of change—a core principle that our platform embodies.

Writing this blog was an opportunity to showcase how platforms like Trendtracker are crucial for modern strategists who need to navigate uncertainty with confidence and foresight.

Our platform is designed not just to keep pace with change but to drive it. This ensures our users are always several steps ahead.

Management summary takeaways

Nowadays, traditional strategic planning is inadequate for the current business environment, which must constantly adapt to rapid technological advances and shifting market dynamics.

The latest insights from this "Strategy Now" report underscore the critical need for a strategic intelligence platform that not only accommodates but thrives on change. 

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This enables leaders to navigate the complexities of modern business with agility and resilience.

The value of a strategic intelligence platform

A strategic intelligence platform stands out as a transformative tool in this landscape. It leverages real-time data, advanced analytics, and comprehensive market insights to provide a holistic view of the business environment.

The AI-powered platform Trendtracker

This platform supports decision-makers by offering:

  • Agility in Strategy Formation: Quick adaptation to market changes and the ability to pivot strategies swiftly.
  • Enhanced Resilience: Equipping businesses to better withstand disruptions by anticipating changes and preparing appropriate responses. 
  • Inclusive and Bold Decision-Making: Facilitating a broader inclusion of perspectives within strategic discussions. This promotes innovative and daring strategies that align with evolving market demands.

Highlighting the "Speed to Insight" KPI 

One of the standout concepts is the "Speed to Insight" KPI. This performance indicator emphasises the importance of rapidly converting data into actionable insights.

In a landscape where speed and accuracy are paramount, a strategic intelligence platform significantly reduces the time from data gathering to decision-making.

This capability is crucial for strategists who must stay ahead of rapid market shifts and emerging opportunities.


A strategic intelligence platform embodies a shift from static, often outdated strategic planning methods to a dynamic, resilient approach that embraces the complexities of today's business world. 

By prioritising the "Speed to Insight," organisations can not only respond to immediate challenges but also proactively shape their futures. 

This ensures sustained competitive advantage in a rapidly changing global marketplace.

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