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Ageism in Tech: Why Ignoring the Older Generation is Bad for Business

The aging population is a demographic group that tech companies should not overlook. As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, businesses must cater to the needs and preferences of this growing segment of society.

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December 10, 2023
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The aging population is a demographic group that tech companies should not overlook. As technology advances at an unprecedented rate, businesses must cater to the needs and preferences of this growing segment of society. This blog post will explore why shifting the focus to older people might benefit your company.

The size and influence of the aging population

The aging population forms a significant and influential group that cannot be ignored. Recent statistics show that the number of individuals aged 65 and above will double by 2050, exceeding 1.5 billion globally. As a result, this demographic shift presents both challenges and opportunities for tech companies.

Increased demand for senior-friendly technology

As we get older, it's natural for our needs and abilities to change.  This is an impactful change in one’s life. However, there is an opportunity for technology companies to develop products and services specifically designed for seniors. From user-friendly interfaces to accessibility features, there are countless ways technology can be adapted to meet the unique requirements of older adults.

For example, smartphones with larger buttons or voice recognition software can make staying connected with loved ones and accessing important information easier. Smart home devices with voice control capabilities can enhance safety and convenience for older adults living independently. And for those looking for companionship, robots have become an option to fill the void.

It is possible to invent technology to improve the quality of life for seniors. Now is the time to embrace it.

Collaborating with older adults

To better understand how seniors will use your product, it is important to actively involve them in the research and development processes. By involving older people in focus groups, usability testing, and feedback sessions, companies can gain valuable insights and ensure their products meet the expectations of this demographic.

Don’t get it twisted. Seniors play a vital role when it comes to decision-making.

Have you ever noticed that older people are often underrepresented in advertising, despite their growing market size and significant purchasing power? Companies can promote a more inclusive future by launching marketing campaigns that showcase seniors using their products or by highlighting success stories of aging with the help of technology.

Implementing this in your business strategy can help reshape societal perceptions about aging and inspire a more inclusive future.

senior learning how to use a tablet from junior
Source: Unsplash

Bridging the digital divide

While many seniors are embracing technology, there are still people left behind.  Farook Mubarak and Reima Suomi highlighted in their research "Elderly Forgotten? Digital Exclusion in the Information Age and the Rising Grey Digital Divide" that proper guidance is essential for seniors to participate and benefit from the digital revolution.

Some seniors may need more access or knowledge about using technology effectively. Tech companies have an opportunity to bridge this gap by providing education and support programs tailored to seniors.

By offering training sessions or workshops on using smartphones, tablets, or other devices, tech companies can empower older people to participate fully in the digital world. This benefits individuals, fosters inclusivity, and reduces social isolation among seniors.

The silver economy

The aging population represents a significant economic force known as the "silver economy." Seniors have substantial purchasing power and are willing to invest in products and services that enhance their quality of life. Tech companies can tap into this lucrative market by developing technology that meets their needs.

Older people videocalling with family
Image by Benjamin Alexander from Pixabay

But don’t get it twisted. It's important to know that seniors often play a vital role when it comes to decision-making. Not only are their voice heard within families, but they also influence the purchasing decisions of younger generations. By catering to the needs of seniors, tech companies can establish brand loyalty that extends across multiple age groups.

Where Trendtracker steps in

Since the population is shifting and new trends are emerging, tech companies must find a way to stay up-to-date with what's to come. Now that the population is getting older, how will it impact industries such as healthcare or insurance?  

To make valuable strategic decisions, the right data needs to be consulted. But to find the right data, you need the right tool. One that will push you to think more out of the box and help you make detailed strategic plans to bring to the boardroom.  With the strategic intelligence platform Trendtracker, decision-makers can stay ahead of trends that align with their strategy.

The future of an organization's profitability and sustainability depends on many factors, some beyond its control. However, being in the right place at the right time is priceless.


Tech companies should know the importance of addressing the aging population's needs. Doing so gives them the opportunities to grow but also positively impact society.

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